Jd Hdz Avatar
Best pizza in Orland Park hands down! Very friendly service, great offers on website.
Jd H. 3/10/2023
Tim _BBQ Avatar
Take out only, but best pizza in town!
Tim _. 3/01/2023
Brian ram Avatar
Pizza is always good..
Brian r. 2/14/2023
Minerva Tamayo Avatar
Have lived in Orland for over 20 yrs had never tried their pizza but now I’m hooked!!! Had been looking for a good neighborhood pizza other then the big names and now I found it, thanks to Sub City I noticed this little gem of a place.
Minerva T. 2/02/2023
Thomas Adams Avatar
Great pizza and staff is super nice.
Thomas A. 2/02/2023
h zo Avatar
this is seriously my favorite pizza place of all time! their italian beef and giardiniera pizza is to die for, and they’re one of the few pizza places that offer beef pepperoni. their crust is very thin and their pizza is very flavorful, highly recommend!
h z. 1/23/2023
Sean Woods Avatar
Great pizza and excellent customer service
Sean W. 1/13/2023
KALIL591 Avatar
Excelente 👌 pizza 🍕 😋 😍
KALIL591 11/28/2022
Madewithclass Hendrix Avatar
Pizza was delicious no complaints
Madewithclass H. 10/05/2022
Alexia Winston Avatar
I ordered a small, thin crust….sausage & pepperoni all over. Half green pepper…w/a quarter of jalapeños on that same side. So tasty! The price made it taste even better 😂❤️❤️❤️
Alexia W. 10/05/2022
Matthew Krezel Avatar
Best pizza in Orland park hands down!!
Matthew K. 10/05/2022
Robert Normand Avatar
TRUCKER ALERT!!!!! Out of this world thin crust. Will suggest the Chicago classic. Fantastic huge pizza. Ingredients spot on and fresh. Super fast delivery. Not a single complaint. Even fancy boxes. 100 percent recommend this pie shop. Fog line bandit APPROVED
Robert N. 9/05/2022
Deidre Velazquez (The Velazquez Brothers) Avatar
Great pizza. We always get the thin crust but we’ve tried the calzone and it’s amazing. Great customer service too.
Deidre V. 8/05/2022
John Martin Avatar
Great prices better pizza!!! Been a customer for years!!!
John M. 8/05/2022
Caroline Vang Avatar
I am not a pizza lover by any means. It's usually the last thing I choose to eat but we tried the thin crust and the pan pizza, both did not disappoint! It was the perfect balance of sauce, cheese, sausage and flavor! Not to mention, the portions are more than enough. Definitely now our favorite pizza place! If you're in the area, try it!
Caroline V. 6/05/2022
DRose708 Delarosa Avatar
We use to live in Bridgeport and were around Phil’s on 35, paisan’s, punky’s pizza, pretty much all types of good pizza places. Having moved to Orland going on two years now we have tried a lot of the local places around, and Italian villa is by far the best pizza we’ve had. The sauce, crust and sausage is delicious, the owners are great and always make you feel valued. Highly recommend to anyone that loves taverns style pizza.
DRose708 D. 5/05/2022
Manuel Almanza Avatar
Best pizza 🍕 😋
Manuel A. 5/05/2022
Anthony N Smeraldo Avatar
Delicious pizza & excellent deals! One of my favorites for sure!
Anthony N. 4/05/2022
Tim Cannon Avatar
Best pizza in the Orland Park area hands down.
Tim C. 4/05/2022
Nicole Brown Avatar
Best pizza around Orland hands down!!🔥🔥🔥 Super tasty! Friendly staff! Highly recommend! Five starts ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nicole B. 3/05/2022
Leslie Fillip Avatar
Can’t go wrong! Love their Buffalo chicken thin crust.
Leslie F. 3/05/2022
Lauren Jovel Avatar
Great sauce, and a lovely experience. Love this place. Extra thin pizza is the best
Lauren J. 2/05/2022
D. Brasco Avatar
Great pizza and wonderful customer service
D. B. 2/05/2022
salim mustafa Avatar
Great pizza. Great service. Great price
salim m. 2/05/2022
Nicki Lee Avatar
GREAT pizza! Very reasonable prices Since moving to Orland, hands down my favorite go-to pizza place. Highly recommend
Nicki L. 1/05/2022
Mary Walsh Avatar
My favorite
Mary W. 12/05/2021
Fadia Mashni Avatar
I just want to say that if you haven’t tried this pizza spot yet, you should. EVERY TIME I call, they’re sooooooo friendly. They give me a coupon every time. I don’t even ask for one. They’re pizza is some of the best pizza I’ve had around here. I personally love their garlic cheese pizza. My neighbors enjoyed the pizza as well. I went in for the first time yesterday to pick up my pizza instead of having it delivered, and they were just so wonderful! Support small business!!
Fadia M. 12/05/2021
Dear Santa Avatar
Simple review: Best thin crust pizza in Orland Park with great service!
Dear S. 12/05/2021
Sarah Kudia Avatar
First time ordering from Italian Villa Pizza and I'm impressed! Friendly service, delicious pizza, and good price. I will be back! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sarah K. 12/05/2021
Michael Malaychuk Avatar
It's been a family favorite of ours for a few decades now. Definitely one of the best thin crusts I've had in Chicago/suburbs.
Michael M. 12/05/2021
Bill Sampson Avatar
Best pizza around!!
Bill S. 12/05/2021
Manar Daghash Avatar
I picked up a cheese and veggie pizza yesterday for the first time after hearing raving reviews! I called in to place the order and the gentleman on the phone was so polite and professional. I asked him how many pizzas I needed for the amount of people I had coming and he didn’t exaggerate the amount or try to make me buy more than he needed. He also honored a 20% off coupon! Amazing service and the pizza was so delicious, everyone asked me where I got it from. The crust was delicious and the cheese was salty,... read more
Manar D. 12/05/2021
Kori Strojny Avatar
This pizza is sooooo good. I order it with pepperoni or with anchovies and each time this pizza is delicious. Pick up or delivery is prompt and service is always courteous. Like seriously, I’m eating this pizza right now and it’s flipping amazing.
Kori S. 12/05/2021
Dalia Carrillo Avatar
Great pizza! Was delivered with extreme care (bagged and boxed) and arrived to our home straight from the oven. Will be a returning customer.
Dalia C. 12/05/2021
Mohamad khudeira Avatar
Excellent Pizza, amazing prices. always getting pizza from them and they never disappoint
Mohamad k. 12/05/2021
Daniel WEISS Avatar
My girls favorite
Daniel W. 12/05/2021
Thomas Dominici Avatar
First time visiting this establishment. Very good pizza. Will definitely visit again.
Thomas D. 12/05/2021
Epic Gamer Avatar
The best pizza joint in town!
Epic G. 12/05/2021
Komo Avatar
Best pizza around.
Komo 12/05/2021
Mike Brady Avatar
This place is good,really good. The crust was a bit hard but the rest was killer good!!!
Mike B. 12/05/2021
Daniel K. Avatar
I’ve tried every pizza place in orland and this is the hidden gem in town. 100/100 points! Never going elsewhere.
Daniel K. 12/05/2021
James Brown Avatar
Excellent pizza, great value. Italian villa has been a staple in Orland for years and we've always enjoyed their pizza. It has a distinctive taste, melts in your mouth, and is unlike other pizza places in the area, which is a great thing. That being said, I've only given four stars because most of the time when we've had it delivered the cheese has slid off to one side, and the driver hasn't taken much care to keep it level in his/her car. I realize the taste is what really matters, and if I could give 4.5 stars... read more
James B. 12/05/2020
Mike Browne Avatar
Fresh reasonably price w coupon
Mike B. 12/05/2020
Patricia Santos Avatar
Outstanding! We just moved to O.P. three weeks ago and made it our mission to find our "go to" pizza joint. OMG I cannot believe the amazingly delicious taste of this pizza. We loved everything about it including the thin crust, tomato sauce, perfectly seasoned sausage, cheese, etc. My husband is from NYC and super critical of pizza. He was blown away! This is it guys....
Patricia S. 12/05/2020
Drift Time6 Avatar
I love the pizzas, Better then dominos and more. TRUST ME.
Drift T. 12/05/2020
dalia hotwagner Avatar
Beast pizza!!!,,,, Friendly!!
dalia h. 12/05/2020
Jeffrey Westphal Avatar
Great pizza, nice owners, excellent customer service.
Jeffrey W. 12/05/2020
janine eli Avatar
Great pizza! Friendly customer service! 20% off Thursday- Sunday!! Great prices! Always fresh.
janine e. 12/05/2020
Scott Skrobanski Avatar
Best pizza
Scott S. 12/05/2020
Nicholas Lesniak Avatar
Extremely tasty sauce and generous toppings. Very friendly staff too. My brother and I started ordering in the 90’s and now I order for my own family. We love it!
Nicholas L. 12/05/2020
Ed Stark Avatar
Stopped for a couple slices on a Friday. Very tasty!
Ed S. 12/05/2020
Alex Hamad Avatar
Best pizza I have ever ordered from anywhere, I have ordered cheese pizza for my kids and veggie for me and my husband my family were very satisfied, also best customer service
Alex H. 12/05/2020
C Papadakis Avatar
Italian Villa is still on my pizza rotation after fourteen-plus years. They offer the best crust. It’s thin, but not too thin, and perfectly crisp. Generous toppings, on a neutral, flavorful sauce, topped with the perfect amount of cheese, makes this pizza awesome. Weekday specials are a great deal, too. Check them out.
C P. 12/05/2020
Ron Avatar
Friendly staff and pretty good pizza but the sauce is bland and the crust is too dry and lacks flavor.
Ron 12/05/2020
Ronald Sostarlch Avatar
The pizza was great.
Ronald S. 12/05/2020
Matthew Byrdak Avatar
Definitely the best pizza around the area! The Meatlovers pizza was loaded and tasted great. Will definitely be back.
Matthew B. 12/05/2020
Very good pizza!!!
Tomek A. 12/05/2020
Tom McManus Avatar
Good pizza. Fast service as well
Tom M. 12/05/2020
Nikki K Avatar
Staff is very nice and the ingredients in the pizza are high quality. Not enough sauce though so everything slides off the crust easily.
Nikki K. 12/05/2020
Timothy Hamilton Avatar
Just like I remember it from 63rd & Pulaski in Chicago!
Timothy H. 12/05/2020
Dan Corcoran Avatar
Awesome pizza
Dan C. 12/05/2019
Patleo Avatar
Nice people. Great food!
Patleo 12/05/2019
Scott Chester Avatar
Great stuff
Scott C. 12/05/2019
Helen Barnes Avatar
Best pizza around, soups , salads and dinners! Excellent service too!👍
Helen B. 12/05/2019
03-cobra Terminator Avatar
So good!!
03-cobra T. 12/05/2019
Lisa Rubin Avatar
Italian Villa Pizza tastes great !!! They are in the strip mall off of 144th and LaGrange. Nice people too.
Lisa R. 12/05/2019
Zman Avatar
Great pizza, first time I had, not the last. Has the taste that I remember from the past... very fresh. Not at all like the mass produced pizza from the chains.
Zman 12/05/2019
Z A Avatar
A hidden gem. Fantastic pizza! Lived on the far South side for years and never had been. Will be making this a regular take home from now on. Yum!!!
Z A. 12/05/2019
Cindy Cox Avatar
Always excellent, great food, great people.
Cindy C. 12/05/2019
Chris Markacek Avatar
We decided to order pizza for my daughter's first birthday party and I shopped around for the best price out of all of the top rated pizza places in the area. Italian villa had the best deal so we went with them. I called a few days ahead to pace the order to be delivered at 11:30 on a Sunday. I'm assuming the owner was the person I was speaking to. She reluctantly told me that they don't open until 4 on Sunday's but then quickly said "but I'll have my husband open up early!" The pizzas arrived on time,... read more
Chris M. 12/05/2019
Ed R. Avatar
best pizza in orland park, the crust is sweat with just enough crunch, this placer uses quality ingredients , tried all other pizza and like this one is the best...``
Ed R. 12/05/2019
Pantelis B. Avatar
Great pizza. Just a heads up: the "thick crust" is almost like a deep dish pizza, not a traditional thick crust.
Pantelis B. 12/05/2019
Tom McAcy Avatar
One of the best in OP. Fresh cheese, sausage, crust , everything. It’s the little things that add up to an awesome pizza. Thin crusts are our favorite but the deep dish and calzone are in a league of their own.
Tom M. 12/05/2019
Jasmine Abunaim Avatar
Amazing pizza every time and extremely friendly service!
Jasmine A. 12/05/2019
Gary Smith Avatar
The people are great but the pizza is excellent. We go there at least once a week
Gary S. 12/05/2019
4everPhree 100% Avatar
Great classic pizzeria.. 1 a couple ovens. A counter.. pop fridge and excellent pizza.
4everPhree 1. 12/05/2018
Lucky Louie Avatar
Great pizza done to your request!
Lucky L. 12/05/2018
Laura Brody Avatar
I wouldn't compare to Giordanos or anything, but it was easy. Pizza is very cheesy- which was a big plus for me. Otherwise I was wishing I had some oregano- it lacked flavor. Very nice and friendly employees.
Laura B. 12/05/2018
Scott Van Wagner Avatar
Best pizza
Scott V. 12/05/2018
Brandon Wigboldy Avatar
One of my favorite places to grab a few slices for lunch. Great service and consistently good pizza. Great value for the money too.
Brandon W. 12/05/2018
Mark Hargett Avatar
Outstanding pizza! I met one of the owners at Eaglewood resort in Itasca, where they were sharing extra pizza after an event. She was confident of its taste, with good reason. I WILL be driving from Chicago for more. Great people, great pizza!
Mark H. 12/05/2018
MrJoeygoose Avatar
The best pizza I have found since moving from the north side of Chicago to Orland Park. Highly recommend.
MrJoeygoose 12/05/2018
Kyle Pratt Avatar
Amazing pizza. Best Pizza in South West Suburbs of Chicago. Fresh ingredients! I make the drive for this pizza.
Kyle P. 12/05/2018
Daniel Bilek Avatar
Fantastic pizza my neighbor ordered it many times at their block party. My friend is very picky about his pizza and he says this is pretty good pizza so that means a lot in our understanding!
Daniel B. 12/05/2018
Zack Sharif Avatar
Nice family operated pizza place. Great to see a mom and pop pizzeria around here.
Zack S. 12/05/2018
Frank A Avatar
Been going here for over 10 years. I personally believe this to be the best pizza in Orland Park, with great customer service to go with it.
Frank A. 12/05/2018
Myron Potocki Avatar
They are very friendly and have a great pizza and prices.
Myron P. 12/05/2018
Brian Townsend Avatar
Can’t beat this place. Great people, support them!
Brian T. 12/05/2018
james Nope Avatar
Great pizza and 10/10 service.
james N. 12/05/2017
Joseph Beningo Avatar
Delicious pie .The best I ever had,hands down. I've eaten just about everywhere. No better pizza. Just can't be made.
Joseph B. 12/05/2016
laura gregg Avatar
laura g. 12/05/2016
Clinton Young Avatar
Great pizza!!
Clinton Y. 12/05/2016
Nick rosa Avatar
Excellent pizza me and my family's new favorite place to go. Owner is very kind! Nice quality service!
Nick r. 12/05/2015